{inspired} Road Trip!

I think we can all agree, sometimes the getting there is part of a trip is just as awesome as the actual trip. With an eight hour ride to (and from!) Boise to get to the Salmon River, it really was like a mini-road trip within the bigger picture of the rafting trip. Want to see some photos?!

I'm sure most of have not been to eastern Oregon and southern Idaho. But let me assure you that it is everything you'd envision the wild west to be -- in the best possible way. Rugged, isolated and I'm convinced this makes it quite quirky :). Yes, that is a GIANT mosaic cowboy boot :)

Lots and lots of plains and open spaces. Which really is a beautiful contrast to the green trees we're used to in western Oregon.

And then they made me get in a 12 passenger plane. I wish I'd had enough sense to take photos -- it was gorgeous. But, I was more worried about not throwing up on our intern, who was seated next to me.

What road trip is complete with a stop at a greasy-spoon drive-in?

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! I'll be back next week with more house posts and inspirations :).


  1. These are gorgeous photos friend! Great work! And I totally would have lost my cookies in that plane...the poor intern wouldn't have known what to do with me! Happy that you had an awesome trip!

  2. Love the pictures! I always wanted to go to eastern Oregon, I've heard such good things. It seemed like you guys had a good time! I feel for you, that plane ride must have been difficult to get through, even if it was gorgeous!

  3. You take great photos, Jenn!


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