{create} flower garland

Last week when I featured my new awesome letterpress artwork, a few people asked about the flower garland I have strung across the fireplace.

I was going to simply direct them to the post I'd written about it, when I realized I've actually never posted about that adorable garland! So today I'm going to give a quick lesson on creating flowers and garlands. The best part about this garland are these flowers, which are super versatile, fun and easy!

First, gather all your supplies. You'll need fabric (I usually use two to three different fabrics), scissors, thread and a needle.

Next cut out three sizes of circles, with four circles per size.

Third, take the largest circles and fold all four in half.

Next, over lap each half circle as shown above. (Not sure how to describe that without confusing everyone!) Last, using a simple straight stitch, sew all the sides together. I use a diagonal cross pattern. I've found that it secures a little better.

See all the great ruffles you get just from this first layer?

Not just repeat with as many colors and as many layers you'd like. Sew each layer together individually, and then sew it to the layers it'll sit on. The more layers, obviously, the fuller your flower will be.

I've played around with a bunch of different ways to make these. You can cut ridges along the outside to make it look more like petals. I also like mine really poofy. There are a few ways to get there. First, make lots of layers. Second, use heavier weight fabric.

Third, sew two circles together before you start layering. I really like this way because it  not only adds weight and dimension, but you only see the front of the fabric on each side (see above).

As you can see these flowers are very easily customizable. Once you have the basic shape, there are a million variations.

I think they'd be really cute as pins to brighten an outfit, or even as some sort of hair clip.

But, to turn them into a garland, simply sew as many as you'd like onto a piece of fabric, ribbon, or in my case twine. These tend to get a little heavy, so make sure you sew the twine or ribbon on the top half of the flower. It'll help the flower not look droopy on the garland.

Last, just hang where ever you need a little color and a little festiveness!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you all are having a great friday! :)


  1. great tutorial jenn! and i totally agree about using them as a pretty pin accessory too.

    you are so talented and crafty, wish i had an iota of what you got! happy weekend wishes. ♥

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love the fabrics you chose for the tutorial and I will definitely be adding this to my idea file :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  3. super cute as always! =) duh! hehe

    I love the fabric flowers -- way more durable than paper or tissue! smarty pants!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Love! Such a cheerful display with the pop of the yellow flowers! Btw, I shared this on twitter!

  5. Really cute. You always make it look so easy too.

  6. Jenn, these are incredible!!! I love the two faced/sewed together ones the best too; and that fabric! So sweet :) Good job girl; will definitely give it a try!

  7. Love this. Absolutely love it. Will add it to the hopefully-to-do-list for spring :)

  8. I was so one of those people that asked about this! They are even cuter close up! I don't know if I completely followed you in the middle of the sewing part...I might have to have my crafty friend explain this to me because I totally want to make it!

  9. those are darling! great tutorial too!

  10. haha. Yeah, I took it down. My mom said "That's just mean. What if he reads your blog...It'd kill him". The kid himself is very shy and sweet...just super weird, and doesn't really get social cues. So I took it down, because my mom is good at guilt trips :)

  11. DARLING! Those are DARLING! Your choice of fabric combinations indicate SERIOUS talent!


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