{inspired} letterpress, again

It's no secret that I love typography and letterpress. As if my most recent art acquisition isn't enough, I've also posted about it here, here and here

A couple weeks ago I saw this letterpress wallpaper. And not to get all dramatic on you, but then I died.

Seriously. Amazing right? (Especially when paired with those amazing capiz chandeliers!)

Although I spotted it on Swiss Miss, it comes from Wall and Deco. I actually lost part of my morning on their site. They have some amazing wallpapers! Such as ...

 and ...

But, speaking of letterpress (yes, I'm ALL over the place today. It's completely indicative of the week I'm having!), I also ran across the amazing Letterpress Daily site recently and have to share with you guys. It's where designer David Wolsk shares his letterpress collection. LOVE. THIS. SITE!

There's a collection of ampersands ...
Font collections that include interesting tidbits and histories about the font ....
As well as individual letters in a variety of fonts. A lot of these also have an explanation of font histories.

If you love (or even just appreciate) letterpress and fonts in general, you need to check this site out. 

Do you have a favorite font? Mine changes every few months, but lately I'm really loving futura light. What's your favorite font?


  1. Hmmmm i dont have a favourite font, i do however love the wallpaper!! x

  2. Favorite font....I really like apple chancery.

  3. My favourite font is all like "handwriting" hehe


  4. Well I'll tell you what's NOT my favorite font... Comic Sans because any self-respecting designer doesn't even consider using it. EVER.

  5. Oh my word, that 2nd photo is wallpaper!?!?! Sign. Me. UP! I would wrap my walls, floors, boyfriend, and cats in that wallpaper. :P

    Jenn, your letterpress posts are giving me the hard push to find something I've been looking for for a while: an old personalized stamp kit; the ones where you make your own 5 line stamp with the provided kit, and the kind you ink yourself with a pad, not the self-inking kind... I'm having a heck of a time finding them in Canada! If you come across any in your journeys, please point me in the right direction :) xo

  6. Wow, that wallpaper is amazing!!

  7. Becky -- should be illegal.
    Vicki -- I know exactly what you're talking about! I'll keep my eye peeled and let you know if I find anything :)

  8. That wallpaper is amazing and so are their other selections. Great find!

  9. "Love you like a" from picnik. hehe its all over my bloggy blog!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. I'm a font fanatic {as shown here on my blog }!

    I think my favorite font is Helvetica Neue Thin. It's a beaut!


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