{inspired} Moodboard Monday

Happy Monday!

I'm so excited to participate in Mood Board Monday today. As we talked about on Friday, the theme for this month is etsy artwork. And, I made this a true challenge by choosing a piece of art that I wouldn't normally consider for my house - even though it's beautiful. My goal was to incorporate pink (!) into a feminine space, but keep it a little edgy so it doesn't creep into the girly-girl zone. Let's take a look at my board:

  1. The walls of the living room will be a dark, rich gray. Specifically, Nightfall by Benjamin Moore. This is the perfect back drop to allow the pink, orange and white elements of the room to really pop.
  2. Live Colorfully by Him and Her Abstract. 
  3. Caravan-Pacific Lighting. Love. These.
  4. Wall of bookshelves. Technically, not for sale. But there are instructions on this blog for making it and I would in a heartbeat. Perfect for this space.
  5. I tried to resist the fuzzy bench, but resistance was futile. Besides adding so much texture to the space, perched in front of the bookshelves, it adds personality to boot.
  6. The pillows, both from West Elm, I kept neutral. One of sparkly gold, again for a little boost of texture - a bling! - and the other is a subtle pattern.
  7. Bone side table.
  8. Quartz terrarium. Every space needs a little green.
  9. I've had my eye on this tufted chesterfield sofa for awhile. It might have inspired the room more than the art ;)
  10. Again, not technically for sale, but the minute I came across this AMAZING pink chair I knew I had to include it. For inspiration, if nothing else. It's the star of the show. In real life, I'd recommend finding a gorgeous chair and reupholstering with bright pink fabric.
  11. Caster coffee table.
  12. A little bling in the form of gold nesting bowls.
  13. And last, but certainly not least, is this gorgeous antique rug to pull it all together. I love how the muted red/pinks and blues bring together the dark walls and the bright colors.
So what do you guys think? Did I achieve feminine with a little edge? I'm actually really excited about this room. I loved exploring pink and I can actually see myself living and enjoying this room. 

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  1. Hi Jennifer - just found you through the moodboard link up. It's funny that everyone is choosing the same piece so far - I did as well! I love what you've done with it, and the way you've drawn out the warm tones. Such a great space!

  2. Oh my goodness Jenn, this is a winner! LOVE the rug and the sophisticated Chesterfield sofa. There is some terrific yin and yang going on here in the way that you layered all of the pieces. Fabulous!

  3. Hi Jennifer. What a great space you created. It's so fun to see how so many have used that same painting in such unique ways. I love the rug you chose and the gorgeous built in with the pop of orange. You made such strong colors work in such a seamless way. Beautiful!

  4. I love the way your board turned out! I'm like you- I'm not much of a pink person but your room has just enough feminine without being too girly-girly! That fuzzy bench is so fun! Could never afford it but so fun!!

  5. I love that there are three of us so far who picked the abstract art. Love so many elements here - the rich grey walls, the fuzzy bench, the chesterfield and that magnificent fuchsia chair - gorgeous! I also like the bone side table and the bookshelves. Thought about adding some real greenery myself but did not get my act together soon enough. Great board!

  6. Yes Yes, and Yes! You've achieved your goal with this one girl! I absolutely love it - the rug and the lamp. What a cool vendor out of Portland - do tell more about them if you get a chance. There are so many great things coming out of your town!

  7. Totally - I love it! Especially that couch and lamp....adore! I'm not a pink person at all, but it's growing on me:).

  8. Say what?! I am in love with this room, Jenn!! And I don't really like pink either:) You pulled this off with style to spare!! Love that you used the bold abstract art but only pulled one or two colors from it instead of letting it dominate your palette. The bookcase with the orange interior is killing me, so cool!!! Loooove that sofa and the rug! There is a lot of elegance and restraint here, yet its still cozy and inviting. Knocked it outta the park!! Thanks so much for playing:)

  9. Ooooh that PINK chair is where it's AT. Love this mood board!

  10. You did a GREAT job with this room! I love pink anyway, so I was already sold on it before you even posted this :) Seeing everything come together though, wow!


  11. Jenn! I love this board! I like how you've incorporated neutral and sophisticated elements with all the juicy colour. It looks really great. I'm new to your blog, so I'm going to spend a bit of time stalking now...

  12. Beautiful mood board Jenn! I am not really a pink person either, but you knocked this room out of the park...it is fun, chic and just a touch girly.

  13. Random question... How or where do you get your circles of colors? And what program do you use to create your moodboards? I'm new to this and my method is sad!!

    1. Hi Laura,
      I use photoshop. I have the full version at work and photoshop elements at home. To create the circles, I just pull colors directly from the moodboard and fill in a circle of that color. I hope that helps ... I really recommend elements. It's not that expensive, and it has most of the best features of the full version.



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