{renovate} my blog!

So, you guys may have noticed, but I have a new blog layout! Thank you to all of you who've already complimented the layout! I actually learned it was live when a I got a blog comment about it :). Some of you saw it before me! So, if you're reading this post in reader, rss or your email, pop over to the site so you too can see it :).

I worked with Elizabeth at TMC Designs (aka The Mustard Ceiling), and she was wonderful. She worked with all my weird and completely ocd requests and I just love the finished product.

There's just a couple things I want to point out:
  1. New header! I LOVE the new look. You all know I'm a HUGE orange fan and I love how Elizabeth incorporated it here.
  2. The toolbar that was previously at the top is now on the side. All the same buttons are there: our house before and after photos, the diy project gallery and as seen on. There is one addition: recipes! I have quite a few delicious gluten-free recipes on the site and now there's a place for you all to easily access them.
  3. I think the thing I'm most excited about are my new social media buttons! Seriously, I'm been so envious of other sites that have them. You can find me on twitter, pinterest, instagram and google+.
  4. You can follow my blog here. I'm still using blogger friend connect because I'm still one blogger. I've given this alot of thought, but decided not to change for now. We'll see if I regret that in the future :).
  5. Or, you can sign up to have posts emailed to you. Someone asked me a few weeks ago how to get email posts, and here it is. 
The rest of the sidebar stayed the same. Oh, and I realize there are two pics of me ... we're changing that :).

Hope you guys enjoy! Don't you think Elizabeth did an AMAZING job?! 


  1. I LOVE it!!! It is just perfect and unique! Great job!

  2. LOVE love LOVE your new layout!!

  3. cuuuute. I'm jealous - I've been toying with a redesign for a while but haven't gotten very far. This is so clean and fresh!

  4. Looks great! I think about a redesign all the time but (1) I'm cheap and (2) I'm lazy. :-)

  5. Yes! It's fabulous! I especially like the color scheme. Gee, it reminds me of where we're headed with our basement ;)

    I'm planning to work with a company for a totally new website design that incorporates shop, blog, and also new branding for both - hopefully late summer, just in time for the fall and holiday market season. So excited.

  6. Love the new look Jenn! The spring cleaning bug extends to blog designs too, doesn't it? :)
    I think you've given me the kick in the pants I needed to give ours a little makeover!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  7. Looks great! Elizabeth did my blog a few weeks ago and I LOVE what she did. She is amazing! I love how fresh and unique it is, the colors are perfect! Enjoy your new blog look!

  8. Thanks for the shout out Jenn! I love the new design, I think it is a perfect fit for you, so happy you love it.

  9. Yes, yes, and yes - it is very fitting and Elizabeth is the BOMB. I love the new header and how you incorporated the orange. I love my social media buttons too - I really think it's easier for people to identify them that way. I've found an increase in followers on other sites since I added them which is fun.

  10. Absolutely LOVE IT!! One of these days, I too will take the plunge and redesign. GREAT WORK friend! :)


  11. This is just absolutely perfect. Now I want to do a total redesign myself - but my husband would never talk to me again if I so much as mentioned it. :) LOVING your new look!

  12. Looks great! I'm always envious of the social media buttons too. Now I shall also covet yours!

  13. I love the new simple design. YES, the orange is great. And this "life via instagram"...i'm going to have to look into that. It's fun to get a makeover!


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